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Site Services Merritt

Whether you require machining, fabrication, or field solutions, we can help.  At Alpha Design, we offer top-quality field services and industrial parts supply. Contact us today!

Complete Field Service

Do you need a small maintenance job done or a complete installation from the ground up? Alpha Design can help you with both of these and anything in between with our complete field service. We are qualified for residential, commercial, and industrial sites in a wide range of environments.

Industrial Equipment Moving

We are able to offer all types of industrial equipment moving. This includes anything from large machines and heavy-duty equipment in buildings and tight locations to rooftop HVAC work. We have the equipment and mindset to take on all of your challenges. We are also able to offer trucking and storage of your equipment to work with your timelines.

Pile Driving

Alpha Design is able to offer pile driving services for many of your needs. We are a great option for your small and mid-sized jobs. We are able to work with and supply timber piles, pipe piles, H piles, and sheet piles.  If you need piles for your new lakeside home, pool, or an industrial project, feel free to contact us.


Crane Rentals That Meet Your Site's Needs

Our sister company Alpha Crane has a versatile fleet of boom trucks and cranes to suit all your lift needs. If you’re looking for quality crane service  consult with  our partner Alpha Crane.

Convenient Field Service

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